Air transport is essential nowadays due to its immediate global reach. It is suitable for transporting:

  • Perishable goods,
  • High value items,
  • Hazardous materials (DGR),
  • Products used for exhibitions and other events,
  • Controlled temperature cargo (Cold Chain),
  • Urgent supplies or provisions.
  • Any other product that because of its characteristics requires immediate transportation


Our specialized team will take care and manage your air cargos with the high efficiency that this method of transport requires. We refer to the cargoes whose importance is centered upon immediate delivery, whether import or export.

Optimization time of air transport allows:

  • Meet a deadline,
  • Avoid geographical and physical barriers
  • Just in time logistics

The current airfreight services allow us to offer direct options from major Spanish airports working either by our own branches or through our partners:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Zaragoza
  • Valencia
  • Bilbao

… and also, competitive cost offers that take into account the urgent nature of the cargoes.

Thanks to our cooperation with the most important operators in the market we are able to undertake express deliveries including door to door for your most urgent loads, high value, perishable…we handle them throughout all along the logistic chain from origin to final destination contributing to the success of your international orders.

With the aid of our comprehensive network of agents we guarantee a global coverage.

We have extensive air transport background to deal with general merchandise, pharmaceutical products, perishables, oversized cargos, hazardous goods, with temperature control etc.

Despite popular belief, the majority of goods transported by air is undertaken with mixed aircraft which carry both cargo and passengers. It’s only a minority that travel on purely cargo aircraft. It is for this reason that package size and weight restrictions are so important, and it is a factor that needs to be taken into account.

The main difference between these aircraft is that the width of the cargo plane’s fuselage is wider than the commercial aircraft, which allows wider freight to be loaded and transported to its final destination. 

Our team has a huge experience and knowledge of transporting dangerous goods with the minimum of risk via air, OACI/IATA registered with on-going training recognized by The Ministry of Transport (Director General of Civil Aviation). We can provide certified packing, labelling and preparation of hazardous cargo for transport.

At Bestway we compare all the contemporary airline supply, case by case, so that we are able to offer our clients the best solution to meet their requirements.




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